Thursday, 22 February 2007


Sorry Blogger, but your code is just too dirty... That's why I moved to Wordpress, come see my new blog!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

MurrinaLooks - a faster Clearlooks

If you like the default Clearlooks theme on Xubuntu, but find it a tad too slow, then this post will make your day :D

Murrine is a relatively new theme engine that is quickly becoming popular for its speed. Plus, there are Ubuntu packages available (site is down at the moment, you can download the package for Edgy here).

However, Clearlooks was not made for this engine and thus cannot take advantage of its speed. That's why I modified Clearlooks to use the Murrine engine. It's not a perfect clone, but I think it gets close.

To use it, first install the Murrine Engine I mentioned, then download my MurrinaLooks theme, then place the MurrinaLooks folder in /usr/share/themes . You can now select it from Applications->Settings->User Interface Settings. Woohoo!

Well... Hi!

Finally! I'm here! I know you've all been waiting for me!

OK, maybe not. Anyway, I'll introduce myself. My name is Vincent, born on the 3rd of November, 1989, living in the Netherlands. My music style is quite... Different. But well, you can check my profile for that. Then I like playing football (I use British English).

This blog is about Xubuntu, of which I'm an avid user, and in which I'm also getting involved a bit (co-maintainer of the website, helping users, writing documentation...). Well, we'll see what I post related to Xubuntu, but I plan on adding some extra value to the web instead of copying other stories.